Sales are handled by the Cemetery Office
Cemetery Closed on Holidays  
Current Costs for 2024
Grave Information
Price List   Cost
Full Grave Site Cost
      Full Grave Site   $1000.00
Burial Cost Full Grave
      Opening & Closing    
       Monday thru Friday   $950.00
       Saturday   $1,225.00
       Sunday   $1,750.00
Infant Grave Site Cost
      Infant Grave Site   $575.00
Burial Cost for Infant
      Opening & Closing    
       Monday thru Friday   $600.00
       Saturday   $875.00
       Sunday   $1,400.00
Cremation Information
Price List   Cost
Cremation Burial Cost
      Cremation Grave - 7C   2 x 4 $400.00
      Cremation Grave - 13A   4 x 5 $575.00
      Opening & Closing    
       Monday thru Friday   $600.00
       Saturday   $875.00
       Sunday   $1,400.00
      Cremations Vault Seal   $374.00 plus tax
      Cremations Vault No Seal   $350.00+$24.50(tax)=$374.50
Niche Information
Price List   Cost
Single Niche
      Single (Top 3 Rows) $1,600.00
      Single (Bottom 2 Rows) $1,400.00
Double Niche
      Double (Top 3 Rows) $2,500.00
      Double (Bottom 2 Rows) $2,300.00
Each Opening and Closing & Lettering
      Monday - Friday $600.00
      Saturday Burial $875.00
      Sunday Burial $1,400.00
We do not letter any niches until there is an interment in the niche
Bench: Niche and Treeline area only
      Cost of Bench $3,225.00
      Lot $575.00
      Opening & Closing for two Interments
     (Monday-Friday Only)
      Grand Total $5,000.00
Owner of the bench is responsible for the lettering on the bench.
Funeral Services Restrictions
Price List   Cost
Last service arrival time schedule
      Holidays Closed
      November 1st - March 15th
   (Additional Fee Added)
4 pm
      March 16th - October 31st
   (Additional Fee Added)
6 pm
Additional cost entering gates after hours:
      4 pm $200.00
      5 pm $400.00
      6 pm $600.00
Opening and Closing must be paid in full before Placing Final date on the stone.
Any service or interment is subject the applicable fee.
Unauthorized Scattering of Cremations on Graves is against Rules
and will Result in Contacting Police.
Any Question please call James Hayworth at
317-881-1895 (Office) or 317-370-5244 (Cell)